Women's Inclusion Network



Empowering Women to Grow Their Careers

The Women's Inclusion Network (WIN) provides mentoring, learning and networking opportunities that empower women to grow their careers with Agrium. We have incredible female employees whose skills contribute to our success every day and this program is a part of our continued commitment to attract and retain strong female talent.

Our Vision 

Agrium strives to create an environment where women are recognized and appreciated for the skills and talents they bring to the business. One of the many ways we do this is by providing our female employees with the tools and opportunities to learn and grow throughout their careers. The WIN inspires managers and leaders to demonstrate and support this vision.

  • Formed in 2004, the AWLG was established to help attract and retain talented female employees and provide them with growth opportunities

  • In 2010 Agrium launched the AWLG Council, comprised of Leaders representing Agrium and its business units

  • In 2016, the Agrium Women's Leadership Group (AWLG) changed their name to Women's Inclusion Network or WIN for short

  • Footprint: Four chapters – Calgary, North Colorado, Vanscoy Potash Operations and Connections - virtual chapter

  • Volunteer Engagement: Four council members, six chapter co-leads, over 40 volunteers

  • Mentorship Program (established in 2011): 212 pairs of mentors and protégés have participated

  • Networking: a variety of formal and informal opportunities for women and men to connect with each other, senior leaders and board members

  • Calendar of Events: local engagement and input on networking and learning opportunities

  • Awards: Leader of the Year (2013) and Company of the Year (2014) from Women in Agribusiness

  • External Networking and Learning Development: Chapters and volunteers are heavily involved in activities outside Agrium that help promote the company and the opportunities for women in the sector

  • Community Engagement: Chapters support local organizations (financially and through volunteer work) that help other women reach their full potential