Farmers 2050: Built for Teens, Fun for All

When students go through the Journey 2050 program, they are challenged to feed the world sustainably. A virtual farm simulation guides students through the experience and they often ask, “Can I download and play this game at home?” Journey 2050 is available online and in the app stores but it was intended as a teacher-led program. 

Agrium worked with community partners around the world to launch Farmers 2050 – a new version of the Journey 2050 farm simulation game that allows for ongoing game playing at home – and it’s available for download to your mobile device right now.

Farmers 2050’s interactions include more commodities, exposure to careers, unique learning moments, videos of real farm practices and much more. Educational messages are incorporated to ensure that players understand the importance of feeding the world while balancing economic, social and environmental factors.

One student piloting Farmers 2050 summed up the game perfectly, saying, “Farming is really hard.” Students say that the game helped them understand how much more there is to agriculture than farmers and food, and many were surprised by all of the careers that rely on the agricultural industry.

“Agriculture plays a critical role in global sustainability,” says Doug Beever, Agrium’s Senior Director, Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations. “Farmers 2050 helps children explore how science and best practices are used in agriculture to provide solutions that not only reduce hunger and poverty but enhance environmental performance and communities.”