It’s More Than Just Cotton Seed

Cotton, the world’s most widely used natural fiber, is an important part of the agriculture and consumer industries. However, what you may not know is there is a chance that the cotton used in your favorite shirt came from a seed produced by Agrium Retail’s Dyna-Gro Seed.

As a result of the strong relationships between Agrium Retail’s product specialists and customers, Dyna-Gro is recognized as one of the top seed companies in the United States.

Dyna-Gro has three cotton seed breeding locations across the southern United States. Every year new varieties of seed are tested for qualities such as yield, fiber strength and length, and resistance to disease and environmental stress.

Once identified from one of the breeding locations, the new varieties are placed on a test plot, also known as a proving ground. These proving grounds are particularly important as they demonstrate the successes of the seed in addition to the complimentary products and services offered by Agrium Retail’s Loveland Products  and Crop Production Services.

For the Dyna-Gro cotton program, this is the unique chance for the breeder to ‘walk the field’ with agronomists and product specialists to collaborate together on what seed, chemical treatments and fertilizers will work best for the grower based on the climate and the grower’s farming practices.

With a seed business, chemical business and fertilizer business collaborating together, it’s a complete offer unlike any in the industry and is one example of how Agrium is building trusting and reliable relationships with our customers.