Taking Farm Safety to New Places

At Agrium, safety is fundamental to all that we do. Our commitment to safety is one of many reasons Agrium has chosen to sponsor a new Mobile Safety Unit being developed by one of our community partners, Agriculture for Life.

“Farm safety is a priority for us at Agrium, and we are proud to work with Ag for Life and provide funding for the development of this Mobile Safety Unit,” says Leslie O’Donoghue, Agrium’s Executive Vice President, Corporate Development & Strategy and Chief Risk Officer.

The Mobile Farm Safety Unit will be a safety-training program that will travel to rural schools, communities, fairs, and other events around North America to teach, encourage, and promote farm safety to students and their families. The unit will feature hands-on, interactive programming that will focus on critical risks such as:

  • Large equipment
  • Water
  • Grain
  • Overhead powerlines
  • Underground infrastructure

The program will be tailorable for various audiences, meaning anyone can learn how to mitigate farm safety hazards. To further increase reach, digital applications will be created to allow content sharing with like-minded organizations around the world. The long-term objective of the program is to eliminate farm-related injuries or fatalities by reaching as many people as possible.

The Mobile Farm Safety Unit is expected to be on the road in September of 2017.