Cre’Ating Gardens for Calgary Kids

Teaching children about their world and where their food comes from is a key component of Agrium’s approach to Corporate and Social Responsibility. Our Seed Survivor, Caring for our Watersheds and Journey 2050 programs are international vehicles for these efforts, but we also carry out this mission closer to home.

One recent example in Calgary, Alberta, where our head office is located, is our partnership with Poppy Innovations and the Calgary Farmer’s Market to bring the Cre’Ate Kids Garden Club to children aged 4-12.

Club members get to sow, grow, harvest and preparing food over the course of the summer, developing gardening and cooking skills that will hopefully lead them to try new foods and make healthy choices in the future.

This year’s harvest came on Cre’Ate Kids Garden Club, August 25 marked a very special day – harvest! The children were elated as they trimmed, picked and snacked on different spices and vegetables from the plants they had grown from seeds. They then prepared a healthy lunch using some of their harvest, and finished the day by packing up the remaining food to donate to Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids.

This charity partners with Calgary-area schools to make and deliver free, healthy lunches for 2,900 students who would otherwise go hungry, with the help of 62 weekly volunteers and over 1,000 partners and donors, including the Cre’Ate Kids Garden Club.

Thanks to this donation, participating Cre’Ate Kids Garden Club children not only learn how to grow, cook and make healthy food choices, but also the importance of giving back to their community and their own capabilities of making a positive impact.