Falcon Cam Live at Redwater

Agrium’s Redwater Fertilizer Operations has been home to one of Alberta’s 60 or so breeding pairs of peregrine falcons in the spring and summer months since 2009, but this year, a Falcon Cam has been set up to provide a live video feed of their nest, 24-7.

The Alberta Conservation Association operates five Peregrine Cameras in various locations around the province, thanks to the sponsorship of several companies, including Agrium.

The Redwater falcons nest in a 10th-storey fly-up condo provided by Alberta Environment and Parks and installed by Agrium personnel several years ago. (Falcon Cam viewers will notice bars on the box, but they’re just there to keep out the geese.)

The male falcon first came to Redwater in 2009, and has brought with him a series of mates over the years, each of which has laid a number of eggs to help fortify the species.

The birds are a source of pride among Redwater employees, and they contribute to the operation by keeping the pigeon population under control – Falcon Cam viewers should be aware that the birds often bring their meals home with them and eat their prey in full view of the camera.

Agrium is grateful that the falcons chose our facility a safe place to nest, and that we are thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to the preservation of this beautiful animal.