A ‘Smart’ Opportunity

In the growing need to feed 9 billion people by 2050, sustainable agriculture practices and innovative products are at the forefront of many ag industry conversations. Agrium is playing an active role in these conversations with programs like Journey 2050 and innovation solutions such as Echelon.

Environmentally Smart Nitrogen (ESN), Agrium’s controlled-release, polymer-coated nitrogen granules, have been at the forefront of innovative products for some time. The product not only keeps input costs down for farmers by reducing the number of fertilizer applications needed, but also protects the environment by reducing leaching, volatilization and denitrification. If you’re unfamiliar with these terms this may be the perfect time to head over the ESN Smart Talk blog.

Focusing on the areas of soil health, nitrogen and fertility management and related industry news, the ESN Smart Talk blog is the place to find out more about the success of ESN across North America.

Featured on ESN Smart Talk today is an exciting new opportunity for a student enrolled in an agriculture-focused college or university program to leverage their passion for agriculture as Agrium’s first ESN Smart Intern.                                        

This two-and-a-half-month internship will focus on the production, marketing and sales of ESN, with the successful applicant receiving valuable experience across the business.

Agrium’s ESN Smart Intern program was created as part of our ongoing commitment to support the next generation of agricultural innovators. The successful applicant will receive valuable learning and insights into the core business areas of marketing, sales, manufacturing, communications, public relations and agronomy within a leading global company. This is an opportunity for young people to bring new ideas and fresh thinking to agriculture at a time when the industry is rapidly evolving.

It also allows Agrium to demonstrate our dedication to sustainable agriculture practices and innovative solutions that help farmers; this internship is a ‘smart’ opportunity for all concerned.

For more information about Agrium’s ESN Smart Intern, make sure to visit ESN Smart Talk blog or send an email to smarttalk@smartnitrogen.com. And visit Smart Nitrogen on Twitter and YouTube to learn more.