The Ripple Effect Challenge

Students around the world are taking action to improve the environment through Agrium’s Caring for our Watersheds contest, and now they’re daring their peers to do the same, through the Ripple Effect Challenge.

With cameras in hand, students across Canada, United States, Australia and Argentina are showcasing the projects they proposed in Caring for our Watersheds competitions, and have implemented with the help of Agrium and community mentors. And they’re challenging youth in other states and provinces to share their stories as well.

In addition to stirring up a spirit of competition among the CFW community, the Ripple Effect Challenge videos offer the rest of us an inside look at how young people are helping to strengthen the planet’s ecosystems – one watershed at a time.

“These are true environmental leaders, volunteering their time and energy to improve our local watersheds,” says Doug Beever, Agrium’s Senior Director of Sustainability and Stakeholder Relations. “The positive ripples from their projects can be seen locally and globally.”

Check out the newest video releases:

Visit Caring for our Watersheds on Agrium’s YouTube channel to check out our other videos, and the Caring for our Watersheds website to learn more about the Ripple Effect Challenge.