Agrium Retail is Committed to ResponsibleAg

ResponsibleAg is a U.S.-based, non-profit organization founded in 2014 to promote the safe storage and handling of fertilizers, and Agrium Retail’s Crop Production Services (CPS) is involved with the organization at several levels.

CPS representatives participated in the grassroots development of this industry-wide association, and Billy Pirkle, Senior Director of Environment, Health & Safety for CPS, is ResponsibleAg’s Board Chair.

A CPS retail farm center in Hillsboro, Tennessee was the first facility to become certified by ResponsibleAg, in April 2015. There are about 900 other CPS facilities across the United States, and they’re all registered with ResponsibleAg and committed to become certified over the next three years. In addition, Agrium is taking its Environment, Health and Safety field staff through the auditor training course in order to become accredited to conduct the audits themselves.

ResponsibleAg provides participating agribusinesses with a federal regulatory compliance audit for the safe storage and handling of fertilizers, a corrective action plan and a library of resources to help meet federal standards.

All of the approximately 9,000 agribusinesses that store or handle fertilizer products across the United States are eligible to participate in the certification program, but the organization is focusing initially on the 3,000 facilities that handle ammonium nitrate and/or anhydrous ammonia fertilizer. Locations can register online at, after which they have up to three years to complete a federal regulatory compliance assessment by a ResponsibleAg auditor.

Several resources – including videos, sample assessments and how-tos, designed to help agribusinesses register and complete the assessment – are available at

Agrium’s involvement with ResponsibleAg is one example of our commitment to operating responsibly regarding the environment, health, safety and security at our facilities and in the communities in which we do business.