Ag for Life held 2nd Annual Harvest Gala Fundraiser

Agriculture for Life held the 2nd annual Harvest Gala fundraiser on Nov. 2, 2013 in Edmonton, AB in support of agricultural education and rural and farm safety programs within Alberta.

Rural and urban communities unite in celebration and support of Alberta's agriculture sector, its people and its food.

Ag for Life brings together like-minded partners with a mission to deliver educational programming that will serve to improve rural and farm safety and build a genuine understanding and appreciation of the impact agriculture has on the lives of Albertans.  In 2013, Ag for Life committed over 1.2 million dollars to the expansion and development of educational programming.  The goal is to continue to invest and reach 100,000 rural and urban Alberta children aged 5 to 15 in the next two years through school curriculum and community events.  Proceeds from the Harvest Gala support these efforts.

The 2013 Harvest Gala, at Northlands, featured a three-course locally inspired menu, the sights and sounds of Alberta music and artistic talents, a silent auction, and a unique Farmers Market where friends and colleagues can reconnect and take home a sampling of Alberta-based products.

The previous Gala hosted close to 700 people from agriculture, business and government in support of Ag for Life's programs.  "Industry, young people and community leaders will come together to celebrate the Harvest all in support of agriculture educational programming," said Chief Executive Officer David Sprague.  "Proceeds raised ensure the continued delivery of vital ag education and rural and farm safety programming within Alberta," adds Sprague.

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