Celebrating 50 Years of Canadian Potash

To commemorate this milestone and the role of the Canadian fertilizer industry in feeding the world, the Canada Science and Technology Museum, in collaboration with the industry, has developed a 1500 sq. ft. permanent display.

Deep down in the ground, lies a farmer’s gold. It’s called Potash, and it helps Canada feed the world.

The Canadian Fertilizer Industry celebrated 50 years of potash mining in 2012. To commemorate this milestone, the Industry is encouraging you to take a journey from below the earth’s surface to halfway around the world at a new national exhibit: Potash: Feeding the World.

Agrium is proud to support this permanent exhibition housed at the Museum of Science & Technology in Ottawa, Ontario. This spectacular 1,500 square foot display illustrates our story. Visitors will enter a potash mine, discover where mines are located across Canada, all while learning the how’s and why’s of mining potash. The hands-on display will introduce Potash’s importance in growing the food we eat to thousands of new faces, and the integral role it plays in global food production.

From mine, to field, to fork, Potash helps feed the world.

Please visit the exhibit at the Museum of Science & Technology in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.