Get Growing: Build a Backyard Garden

Spurred on by April 21st Earth Day - Celebrate our glorious earth by planting a backyard garden - we have all the tools and tips you need to grow! Check out the helpful resources from the Nutrients For Life webpage.

Whether it’s in a container on your deck or out in your backyard, there’s no greater joy seeing a plant bloom into full grown baby red potatoes; or eating a sweet vine-ripened tomato right off its stem.

Gardening has been around for generations, and recently, has seen a resurgence in popularity. Families are recognizing the economic cost savings a garden affords them, children are learning a science-based curriculum by building school gardens, and urban-dwellers are returning to their roots—even on roof-tops—all to get the chance to get back to growing.

The School Garden Network in Canada offers a blueprint for school gardens by establishing learning gardens, training educators and providing online tools and resources. Evidence continues to mount, supporting the role gardens play in promoting healthy diets, building life skills, increasing environmental awareness, improving learning outcomes and meeting the needs of students with disabilities.

There’s something about getting your hands dirty. Get started today by using these resources to grow your own garden.

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