Agrium Wholesale

Agrium Wholesale produces, markets and distributes nitrogen, phosphate and potash products for agricultural and industrial customers around the world.

Our Operations

Explore our extensive facility network in North America, South America and Egypt, where we manufacture and distribute nitrogen, phosphate and potash fertilizers.

Learn about Agrium Europe, a branch of Agrium Wholesale, and one of the largest fertilizer distributors on the continent. With its head office in Belgium, Agrium Europe operates through subsidiaries in France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria.

Our Jobs

Want to work for us? Visit our Careers page to see if we have a job opportunity that’s right for you.

Wholesale Products

The primary end consumer for our Wholesale products is the agriculture market — in particular, growers of grains, oilseeds and other crops who want to enhance crop yields and quality. Agricultural buyers account for about 89 percent of our Wholesale sales.

The other 11 percent of our sales support a broad range of industrial uses. For example, urea is used for the production of resins in the construction industry and potash for the recycling of aluminum. The majority of our industrial sales volumes come from nitrogen products — primarily ammonia, urea, ammonium nitrate and aqua ammonia — produced at our facilities in Western Canada, Ohio and Texas, and sold in Canada and the U.S.

For detailed information about our products, including Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), Product Specification Sheets, and Labels, please visit our Products page. To learn more about Environmentally Smart Nitrogen please visit our ESN website.

For a more general overview or to find answers to basic questions about our business and products, please visit our Agrium Fact Book and Product Fact Sheets page and download the appropriate PDF.


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