Our employees are the core of Agrium’s success and the backbone of our high-performance culture. We strive to provide our people with purposeful work at every stage of their career – right from their onboarding experience through to retirement. Our people strategy is to foster a highly engaged and collaborative workforce with the talent, skills and engagement required to deliver on our corporate strategy. By carefully matching talented people to our organizational strategy and needs, both today and in the future, we cultivate a long-term, sustainable view of our workplace.

A globally engaged workforce

We’re only as good as our people, so it's important that we focus on our employees' personal development and satisfaction.

Employee and Contractor Health & Safety

Keeping our employees safe, healthy and secure is our highest priority. See what we're doing to reduce risk and achieve our goal of zero workplace injuries.

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Attraction & Retention

Agrium’s true competitive advantage is our ability to attract and retain the right people. See what we're doing to engage employees and incorporate their feedback going forward.

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Learning & Development

Agrium employees aren't on their own when it comes to career and personal development. Our philosophy and approach helps maximize their potential and deliver superior results.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Agrium believes its success is tied to maintaining and enhancing a diverse and inclusive...

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