Sustainability Reports

Agrium uses the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, combined with stakeholder feedback to help identify the indicators we publicly report.

To help determine the content of our 2014-2015 Sustainability Report, we engaged external stakeholders and senior leaders at Agrium in separate workshops to identify which sustainability topics are most relevant to stakeholders and to the success of our business. External stakeholders represented investment analysts, academia, suppliers, customers, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), host communities and industry.

We also considered the following factors when structuring this report:

  • Key concerns and future challenges facing the agricultural sector
  • Relevant laws and regulations
  • Voluntary commitments we have made
  • Vital factors essential to our success, including our values, policies, strategies, management systems, goals and targets.

We publish a full sustainability report with commentary every two years, and key performance data in alternate years. We have prepared six biennial reports.