Our vision to help feed the world responsibly means not only helping farmers grow more food, but doing it in ways that protect the environment, support economic vitality and enhance communities.

One of the greatest challenges the global community has ever faced is how to sustainably feed a rapidly growing population. This challenge is complex and won't be solved quickly, but we believe we're stronger working together.

By collaborating with multiple groups, we build long-term, impactful programs and solutions that we continually learn from and build upon. So that, together, we can feed the world responsibly and improve the lives of future generations.

Learn more about our sustainability efforts in this video.

The principles that guide our sustainability journey are:

  • Applying safety and science to all we do
  • Globally-minded; actioned locally
  • Responsibly building the business
  • Involving customers and partners
  • Undertaking continual improvement
  • Measuring results


See our overarching sustainability commitments and how we set and track sustainability targets throughout the year.

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Effective corporate governance helps us demonstrate accountability to our shareholders and other...

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Management Approach

Our internal approach to sustainability is collaborative and incorporates governance, guidance and...

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Our Sustainability Vision

See our sustainability vision for helping to feed the world responsibly by enabling growers to increase yield while protecting people and the environment.

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Agrium partners with several organizations to create a broader reach with our sustainability efforts. See who we work with.

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Learn more about our environmental sustainability performance and see what kinds of organizations we support with donations.

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One important measure of our sustainability performance is how others rank and rate us, and whether we are recognized with awards like the ones listed here.

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Stakeholder Engagement

To ensure our sustainability efforts are successful, we need stakeholder engagement. Here's what we're doing to address stakeholder needs and interests.

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Sustainability Reports

Agrium uses the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, combined...

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