Soil Health

Nutrients play a unique role in replenishing our soils and sustaining the world's growing need for food, fibre and fuel. By working with growers, industry associations, government and researchers, Agrium strives to ensure nutrients are applied in amounts that sustainably replenish soils.

As crops grow, they take up nutrients from the soil. If nutrients are not replaced, the soil quality and productivity decline. This is a gradual process but can become problematic. It is thought to have contributed to the decline of many early civilizations. So we need to work together to ensure soils are replenished sustainably using essential nutrients.

Nutrients also contribute to the farmer’s ability to generate profits that keep growers in business. Agrium is proud to be part of an industry that provides these life-sustaining resources and maintains the quality of one of the world's most precious resources – our soil.

The 4Rs of Nutrient Use

Agrium is committed to reducing the impact of our products on the environment after they leave our hands. We are a key supporter in the development of the Global 4R Nutrient Stewardship Framework. This science-based system identifies best practices for producers who apply nutrients. We believe that following the 4Rs — applying the right source of nutrients at the right rate, right place and right time — can result in significantly reduced environmental impacts from fertilizer use. 4R practices minimize nutrient losses to air and water, replenish and protect soil quality, and can help minimize impacts on wildlife habitat.